Mannis Patreon Page Updated: New Rewards added!
What's up best Friends of the best Mood?

In order to thank you guys for your great support for more than 4 months now - I have updated the Patreon Page and added a few new rewards. Nothing has been taken away... Only new things have been added such as:

-Access to my most secretive Vega Conflict Ship- and Fleet Fittings

(in perfect detail - direct line of communication with me on patreon page)

Your personal Vega Conflict Base-Test.

You want me to attack your base "for real" using my finest basing-fleets?

You got it If you manage to be in the same sector as I am and patreon of

this category or higher. Just write me here and I will tell you my

location and even ask you if you want me to record the attack. If you

agree - it will be shown in a special video episode called: "Patrons

challenge Manni"

-Vega Conflict: Your free Base-Attack against my base!

This needs to be well communicated so that allies are standing down. But you will get your free-shot on my base with up to TWO FLEETS in a row even if it means that I lose some medals in the process.

-Guaranteed Vega Conflict Alliance Membership in one of the ELYS-wings

according to your base- and experience level. If you want - you will be brought under protection of ELYS and our Allies - but you will also have to jump and fight with us! Important: Anti-Elys behaviour (spying - starting fights

with allies, Comm-Warrioring etc.) will result in exclusion from the alliance.

Those of you who are already in the corresponding donation levels can enjoy new rewards right away. Hit me up for questions about certain fleets of mine or to get the other new rewards if you are in the right donation category.

I felt like It was time to come up with more things to "pay you back as best as I can".

Thanks for 4 months of Awesome Support!