"Man's best friend"
Okay, so that title is a bit archaic and overboard, but my work in Logic Pro is so much easier with this little mouse. I have worked with a trackpad and keyboard for quite awhile in Logic and was always frustrated by the drag feature on a trackpad. This "old" concept that "thankfully" still exists in the Standard Apple Mouse is the best tool that I have found for navigating the Logic track interface. 

All it takes to move a region or rearrange tracks is to click and drag to your little heart's content! On a trackpad, I would always run out of trackpad before I would reach my "drop-off" destination! This mouse has no limits unless, of course, you run out of literal desk space.

*click, drag, repeat

The little trackball in the middle is another powerful tool in navigation, especially when it comes to zooming in on a track! Just push 'option' and move that little trackball up and down or left and right to zoom in on a specific area of a region.

Anyway, that's my 'ode to the archaic Apple Mouse which is super useful to me!

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