Mantras for manifestation
One of the things that I am dedicating this year to is manifestation.  We just did something really terrifying yesterday, and I'm very anxious about it.  To try to mitigate that anxiety, I am leaning on a mantra I used to use years ago:  "The Universe will provide all that I need."  

It is useful, I think, because it's a hope as well as a manifestation.  I am hoping that my faith will be well-placed, and also asking at the same time, that this be what the Universe does for me.  

I had fallen into a very negative mindset for a while.  Partly because of depression and pain, partly because I genuinely felt like everything was falling apart there for a little while.  I couldn't see past my own pains and problems.  Currently, there are some challenges.  But I am trying to meet them with as positive a mindset as I can manage.  I am trying to frame everything around "can" and "needs met."

Because I realized the other day, I have been saying "can't" and "poor" and "hard life" about so many things.  It's been dragging me down, and I am done with it.  There are things I need that I am not prioritizing at the moment.  (Great holy cats, how I want new clothes and towels!)  This is because there are other things going on that require attention.  

I believe, however, that I'll be getting my new clothes and towels soon.  Because this is a leap of faith, and I am believing--and saying-- that it will be rewarded.  

I'm also manifesting patience.  Because MAN I want it to be rewarded yesterday.  *wry grin*