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Hello my friends, It has been awhile since I've posted an update, so here we go. After a week of being bed ridden, I'm back and going strong on 2.0. At this point, I will let it be known that from this point on, it will be available from the new Curse Client when it comes out. The biggest reason for this is because of mod authors, and how I want them to get their fare share. Modpacks on the Curse Client will directly contribute to the author's Reward Points so they can earn a little bit from us using their works. Without them, what I do wouldn't be possible, I and I wouldn't have come as far as I have or strengthened myself. Many, many of these creators have become good friends over the last few years and they deserve more than what they get. T-shirts and art prints are now available for purchase at If you fancy yourself some attire, get you some! I will be working with BigBad to get more awesome things for you also. Monday, I added another domain under my ownership just for you all. Nothing is there yet, and its on a temporary box, but there is going to be a fancy schmancy website in the future. Time. This is going to to be the thing right now for me. One of the things I am going to be doing is putting together a more involved development team for projects. There is only so much time that I can devote myself. With several mods (for multiple games, not just MC) sitting on back burners, my modpacks, and a new game I've begun production of. This leads me to the last thing, today. Feed The Beast. I love all the people I have met through my time with FTB and thank Slowpoke for the opportunity I was given. Part of me wants to believe my introduction of Stan Hebben's Minetweaker to the masses and other things have helped shift the very core of what modpacks are becoming. Something I doubt I would have been able to accomplish had I not been part of FTB and had their help. That being said, this is also my official announcement that I am leaving FTB at this time. I no longer have the extra time to volunteer to the business. I have many of my own projects I want to do, both inside and outside the MC community. I may still put in some work for them here and there, but at this time I'm not going to pose to allow anyone to rely on me if my interests are elsewhere. No, this does not mean I am leaving the community. I am not going anywhere. Just shifting my personal priorities.
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