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In the middle of the nation of Tiffop /ˈtiffop/, there is a zone 20 miles on a side that belongs to nobody. 

This place is the result of so many wars that nobody, not the Ǝtiffop, not their neighbors, not the historians who live in the blank zone, can claim to have accurately counted them all.  Much of the land around Tiffop is such, of course, but this particular area has been neutral for longer than Tiffop has been a nation. 

This area is surrounded by a very high stone wall, one with stones from the mountains of every nations (While Klueyiskũ can not rightly be said to have a mountain, they provided sea-stones and rocks from their bluffs.  There is no gate to be seen, but the traders will still find a way in, when they must. 

And they must, because inside these walls live the most scholarly of academics.  Freed from the confines of the laws of Tiffop or of any of the laws, they have made their own regulations but - due to the treaty that gave them their land - cannot enforce them as laws, simply as social rules.  Here they study history and science, language and mathematics. 

It is said that they also study strange and dark arts here, but nobody has ever been brave enough to ask. 

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