The Map Library

This post collects all the maps and other content I have published on Patreon since December 2015.  The maps can widely vary in quality, style, and content as my skills have grown and the rewards have changed over the years. This is a part of Miska's Maps' history. 

Reward Archives

These posts collect all the map packs in zip files and other relevant rewards after map pack 240. You can find a separate list of release posts below.

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Foundry VTT Map Modules

Foundry VTT users can use my map modules to import battle maps to their games. The maps are pre-configured with walls, light sources, doors, and weather effects. Just import a scene from the Compendium and you are ready to play!

Custom Maps & Commercial Use

Free Content & Collaborations

VTT-Ready Maps (2020 -)

All battle maps released after January 2020 are optimized for virtual tabletops. They are aligned to start the grid from the top right corner of the map and a grided version can be used for reference when aligning the grid. All maps are 140px/ square unless otherwise mentioned. 

Mythos Maps are available to Hero and higher-tier patrons.

Legacy Maps (2015 - 2019)

Maps published before January 2020 are called Legacy Maps. They can vary in contents and other standards. Readiness for online use varies per release and VTT-ready maps are mostly 70px per square.

Please note that some maps have file names or numbers conflicting with the title. Please, disregard the map number in the filename and instead refer to the list below in these situations.   

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