Map of Spinal Arachnoiditis Survivors ~LAST CALL
Public Post (Updated 2.3.18) 

This GoogleMaps screen shot documents the City, State/Province, Country of Arachnoiditis Survivors Currently Registered at the Art For Arachnoiditis Project.

SEE the LIVE Google Map HERE. 

To ease some of my time management issues and to keep this open to people who are NOT on facebook; I am consolidating  the Art For Arachnoiditis Project and other Studio projects here at Patreon.  

(With the exception of Screen Free Week,  Email and online messages are monitored on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Feel free to contact me if you feel there has been an untimely delay or if you have other questions or concerns about the Art For Arachnoiditis Project.  )

 Arachnoiditis Survivors who have not already done so on Facebook, can still sign up to be added to the map by providing their location in the comments for this post. Survivors, use the live link to Zoom in and Check your location. If you would like it to be there but, don't see it; please be sure to add it in the comments below. City, State/Province, and Country are required for it to show up. Your name will NOT appear on the google map.

Live posts, calls for entries, and other live updates will end in August 2018. 

All existing internet posts, content, and resources for survivors pertaining to the Art For Arachnoiditis Project will remain FREE and available to the public. 

Studio Patrons Get Rewards 

Because Patrons Make Art and Charitable Art Projects like this Happen. 

Thank you for your support!

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