Maps: A castle hunter's best friend
A good map is a castle hunter's best friend on the road, and I use several different ones - including OS maps, Canmore and online maps such as the great one at 

This is the Collins map of Scotland's castles that I use to keep track of the ones I've been to (currently 320). It doesn't have them all (you can see I've written in quite a few of my own) and some of the entries they have aren'y actually castles but more modern country homes and estates (pah, the cheek!), but it's been really helpful for keeping score. I've attached three closer-up versions to this post as well, so take a look at them for a bit more clarity.

Key: Castles with black rectangles around them are the ones I've been to, and castles with a black rectangle and x through them are not 'proper' castles. Green rectangles are castles that are regularly open to the public, yellow rectangles are ruinous castles, and red ones are privately owned or closed to the public.   

Are there any areas of that map I've not been to that you're keen to see? Let me know! 

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