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[Maps for Heroes] The Seclusium of Kab of Derik High
This map is another in the series for Maps for Heroes, my Wounded Warrior Project charity drive. If you would like to donate to the cause, please click one of the links and join the campaign! Every dollar I receive from patrons for the month of July will be turned over to the WWP. If you would like to support this project you back through the patreon page ( )or donate directly to the WWP at my WWP campaign page ( ). Together we can make a difference in the lives of heroes that have help secure our safety. Thank you to all the veterans out there! Yet another amazing map donated by Mr +Simon Forster (this guy is a machine!), you can learn more about this amazing guy at his blog "and the sky full of dust". With this map Simon not only included a cool area map but basically turned it into a complete adventure! The Seclusium of Kab of Derik High The powerful wizard Kab has gone missing, leaving his seclusium unattended. The baroque seclusium consists of a series of islands connected by sturdy bridges, atop which are the mossy-clad stone huts of the wizard's servants and the practical longhouses set up for is guests. The wizard's abode, a tower of white marble called Derik High, sits on the main island, looking over a sacred grove of olive trees and luminous plants that follow and mimic the pattern of the stars at night. The grove also has a pool of the purest water and a willow tree, from which the skulls and femurs of once powerful wizards hang. Below the islands, beneath the sea bed, are ancient crypts that house the remains of the wizards who once ruled here. Their memories are still trapped in the skulls of the brittle skeletons, waiting to be unlocked by those who have the necessary knowledge and power. Below the tower a tunnel leads to a cave of crystals, a crystalline dome in the centre. In this chamber is a crystal prism, in which the wizard Kab is trapped, longing to be released. Another tunnel leads to a cave with a fiery chasm, a shaft leading up and out to the fissure-cracked island surface. At night blue fire dances along the fissures and anyone bathing in it gains the ability to flow until dawn.