Maps of Ceal ~ Selim AN 1019
A map of the village of Selim in the year 1019 after Nova's Advent. The once great trade city is only a shadow of its former self after the Demons' raid in AN 1007. Following the attack, many people abandoned the battered city in search of a safer haven, leaving behind the young, the old, and the hardy.

Over the years, those who stayed behind have grown into a tight-knit community that sticks together to overcome any hardship, although it has to be mentioned that there is a bit of a rivalry between those living in the former main part of the city on the western side of the Rela, and those living across the great Kepelius Bridge in Selimsport.

Eventually, this town should become famous as the birthplace of Bokay Zerin, the Chosen of Nova, and his sister Sylvia, consequently growing to cover much of the surrounding landscape. But that is a tale for another time...