March 11th. Panel Discussion: Current Issues in Forensic Psychology

On March 11th, at Fordham University, Jeff spoke at a panel discussion entitled "Current Issues in Forensic Psychology".   Jeff addressed the issue of false confessions. Specifically, he covered: his own coerced, false confession; red flags that a confession may be false; reforms needed in order to prevent wrongful convictions caused by false confessions; getting meaning from doing advocacy work; the cross-over between wrongful conviction and other areas of forensic psychology.

Specifically: 1) the danger that civil commitment of sex offenders poses to those wrongfully convicted of sex offenses; 2)  how the requirement of making class participants admit verbally, and in writing, to having committed sex offenses-including giving a description- places those wrongfully convicted of sex offenses in an impossible position because on one hand if they don't make such admission they will be removed from the program and this will hinder their ability to make parole while on the other hand if they false admit guilt they are creating additional false evidence against themselves. 3) the parole board's typically denying parole when an applicant asserts innocence rather than taking responsibility and expressing remorse.

In addition to Jeff, other topics included "Homicide activists" [presented by Melissa Leeolou]; "Informed Consent in Forensic Practice" [presented byThomas A. Caffrey, PhD, Past-President, NYSPA Forensic Division] "Prosecution of Police Misconduct" [Cory H. Morris, JD, MA Adelphi University]; "Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents" [presented by Frank J. Corigliano, PhD, Institute for Human Identity]