March '16 News #2 - Rebalanced Tiers!

Tier Changes

Long story short, I've simplified the tiers to make them more affordable and less invasive. "You want to support my videos? Cool, here's a couple levels of support!"

Short story long, I've taken out the Cameo Tier rewards and combined the Color Credit with Stream Tier to make it an even $10. No more commission reduction (because I wasn't doing commissions enough for it to be worth it). No more Cameo Rewards (same as before, just not doing them enough for it to be worth it). No more Thanks Tier (I just merged it with the $2 Backstage Tier). Icons for Cameo Credit Tier have moved to be a reward goal for Stream Tier once I reach $750/video. With all these simplifications, I am adding a larger set of tiers for my die-hard supporters: Guild Tiers. These tiers will be limited in number and will be sort of a replacement to the Cameo Tier (which was not guaranteed a spot in the videos, but Guild Tiers are guaranteed). The first Guild Tier I'm implementing is the Scriptwriters' Guild. This tier will allow anyone (you don't need to be a writer to join) to add a line of script (a phrase, action, or otherwise) to any spot in the next video you support (after getting approved by myself). In addition to the line of script, you also will get character icons next to your credits before the Stream Tier unlocks theirs, and framed icons when the $750/video goal is reached.I hope to see some of you try out the Scriptwriters' Guild even if just for one video to see how you like it! Thanks for reading this long block of text, and I hope you agree with my reasoning for changing the tiers like this!

Pony Amie

Still on track for getting this video done this month. This was also the motivation for getting the tiers changed sooner than later, so new patrons from this video will have a simpler time picking their tier!