Wow, this year is moving very fast. I fell sick last week, and still continue to be under the weather, so things are shifting about a little bit. Here's how the plan for March looks like right now: March 2: Free update (drawing) March 6: Paid update (Languages of Wakewood, part 2) March 9: Free update (poem) March 13: Paid update (LoW, part 3) March 16: Free update (surprise) March 20: Paid update (LoW, part 4) March 23: Free update (drawing) March 27: Paid update (Birdverse TBA) As you can see, I am planning four paid updates this month. Whether this will come to pass depends on health. You can set monthly limits on how much you'd like to spend per month, so please don't hesitate to do so! 5$-tier backers, this month you will get queries from me about your custom doodles! :) :) The painting I am uploading today is called "Listening." Whether this is Birdversey or not is open to interpretation. I hope you enjoy, and thank you very much again for supporting my work. Rose
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