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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Cyantian Kit Patron
Early Updates of all Cyantian Chronicles comics, plus sketches and other random things.

*  There will be at least two pages of Random Ramblings uploaded per month which are exclusive to Patreon for six months, then they will go live on
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Early updates PLUS updates of any extra content that I produce, such as the exclusive Vincent Pawprints story and Vincent and Filaire.  You may ask about other characters, btw.  The Vincent Pawprints story is only a few chapters in length and... the special project that I'm considering will involve MORE.
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Prior level rewards PLUS access to the PDFs for Vincent and Filaire, and VIncent eclusive stories so you don't have to dig through the archives and sort through them. 
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There is nothing here at the moment, however, what was here I posted was going to be removed.  I have made a copy of everyone who was supporting this tier if they choose to ask for anything  - nobody asked and it was beginning to stress me out!
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