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Starter Level
$1 or more per month
Welcome to the patreon family.  Every little helps and by donating even this amount you are helping so much and it means alot  as it shows you like my work and want to support it. In return for this support you'll get your very own fan sign, hand made by me, laminated and posted to you and a picture on my social media of me with the sign. 

You'll also gain access to the patreon exclusive Discord chat 

Includes Discord rewards
Evolution Level
$10 or more per month
Being an evolution level supporter gets you everything included in starter level tier plus:  


- Access to work in progress pictures exclusive to patreon. 

- Early Access to videos at least 24 hours before they are released on youtube. 

-Access to costume tutorials 

- vote on future projects 

Includes Discord rewards
Primal Level
$15 or more per month
Being a primal level supporter gets you everything included in evolution level as well as: 

- One free digital print a month, sent out at the start of the month. 

- Access to patreon exclusive behind the scene videos and vlogs.

- A free signed polaroid each month 

- Your name in the credits of all videos 

- Your own private chat with me on Discord 

Includes Discord rewards
Mega Level
$50 or more per month
Mega level supporters will recieving everything from previous tiers as well as extra goodies like: 

- 2 free prints a month plus an exclusive print only available to this tier.

-25% off the merchandise store at all times 

- A personalised thank you video  

- Your own private chat on discord only for mega level patreons 

Includes Discord rewards
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