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Thank you for your support. I will be sending you a handwritten (no calligraphy :)  letter or email if you prefer to personally thank you.
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Get the Shownotes for two programs, Kungfu Podcasts and the Podcasts of Tibetan Kungfu. You will get an account to our store that will allow you to download the Shownotes, plus more. We may also send you the notes via email and the Patreon Activity Feed. You will also get our KungFu Patch from Tibetan KungFu that you can put onto anything.

You will also be put on two lists : The Short and Early List, so when their special opportunities and content coming you will get it. Some will not be be for public, just you. The Prioritized Signup List, when we host special events, free workshops, or have early registrations, you will get put on the list before announced to public, at a lower fee, since you already support us.

Plus a few extra treats will be tossed in occasionally too..
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Join us on Google Hangout or Skype session before a show each month.. maybe hangout a little while we make it.. watch me work the KungFu magic.. LOL, it can be brutal sometimes.. looks more like hand-to-hand combat during some episodes..

Your name put in a drawing each month to join me for a half-hour workout. Follow me via Google, Skype or Facetime while I go through my Pole Conditioning, forms, floor workout, weight training, heavy long staff, and more.. Bring it :)

You will receive a Monthly Private Audio Feed of one our classes or workshops. We may toss in more like the *$!## Blooper edition of podcast.. how embarrassing that will be.  **Plus the Lower Level Rewards
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I will Announce Your Awesome Contribution on air, if that is okay with you. I will also be doing a periodical shout out to you and your website or social media site (twitter, facebook, etc, if you want).

You will receive very special Powerpoint / Keynote Presentation of some of the Podcasts with images, maps, timelines, etc. These are also being converted to mp4 so you can watch like my son does, also ebooks and Ibooks :)

You will receive Two Raw Feeds of Classes each month that will be made available for download.

You will be Listed by Name or Business with a Link on the webpage / shownotes and Presentations as a Special Supporter. Your website link can also be included if you want.

Meat - Only Versions, I periodically am asked to do an episode with no announcements, just me telling the story, more ad-libbing. You will get any of those that I make. *** Plus the Lower Level Rewards ***
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You Pick a Topic, you help me develop it. You will receive the Credit as a Co-Producer of that episode.

You can Announce the Show or the Title of the Episode if you want. Introduce yourself on the Podcast as the Co-Producer.
You have to be in good standing for 2 months to qualify. This will be done once a month. If we have more than one we will rotate.

Every month you are at this reward level, you will be put into a drawing each month to have your Translated Name to be used as Character in a Story. (chinese, japanese, or other) or a name of your choosing. It will be used with one of the stories being created, where we use the actual history and create a story to tell it. Like in the Episode : "Shaolin Monks versus Woku Pirates". All historical facts, some characters names were created to tell the story.

You will be Credited on the Top of each webpage, shownote, ebook and whatever else I put during the time you are at this level.. 
*** plus everything else ***
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