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Become an official patron and receive each comic update one day early. Also, have access to the official Patron Blog. I will share various sketches, upcoming stories, future characters, videos, general updates and product ideas. Have direct 'behind the scenes' access because YOU are the producer!
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Receive the blue-pencil, un-inked comic sketch for each update, one day before it posts. Sketch will also include creator commentary and notes about that specific comic. Also, have access to a High-Definition file for every comic and print posted. High-Def. comics will be 7000px wide at 300dpi. Download size of each comic will be around 10mb. depending on the size of the strip that day.
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A Producer mention in each book volume that is released after you become a patron.
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Get an 'Artists Edition' of each book release after you become a patron. 'Artist Editions' will include more content, notes for specific comics and story arcs, articles, character bios, unfinished sketches, and bonus comics. Artist's edition books will be sent out to patrons pledging $10 or more each time a 'Dead End County Monster' Volume book is released.
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Rip (my main character, he's a monster) will exclusively hunt down YOU in a single comic strip published on the site. You get to choose your last words before you are eaten, no matter how ridiculous it is. I will write previous panels in that comic strip leading up to your last words and demise. (No graphic descriptions or extreme cursing) I will also send you a free, signed, twelve-inch print of that comic strip featuring you and your unfortunate encounter with Rip. For patrons pledging $15 or more, I will need a picture of yourself, your mailing address and what you would like your last words to be sent to [email protected] or through I will contact you and prepare your personalized comic after you have been a $15 patron for three months (Because of preparation, cost, and time, this policy is necessary and I apologize for the inconvenience).
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