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ISF COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDER $1 monthly Become an ISF community stakeholder. Cross-promote your organization, project, business venture, personal art or other work, or favorite cause with your personal message on our platform while empowering students as far afield as South and East Africa. Sponsorship entitles you to mention our organization and this platform as many times as you wish in social media and promotional materials. Cross-promote your business, art or other work as a community stakeholder. You may choose to direct your cross-promotion benefit to your favorite cause or personal interest. For example, if your passion is music, you may promote your favorite artists or events in @ mentions and social media updates showcasing your iSF Patreon sponsorship. Invite others to participate and earn shout-outs and mentions from the ISF social media team as many times as you wish. Tell your favorite Twitter celeb or facebook friends about this platform sponsorship if you do not have a business of your own or a cause you wish to cross-promote in your marketing materials. Thank you shout-outs occur across multiple platforms from Blip FM to Twitter to Facebook and also on multiple crowd funding platforms where our projects are raising funds. This sponsor dollar maximizes your visibility and generates exponential amounts of social capital in return for your investment in addition to accomplishing ISF project goals.
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ISF PATRON OF STUDENT ART $5 monthly sponsorship gets you the previous reward plus artwork from a sponsored student - a personal thank you card, drawing or anything the student feels moved to create in recognition of your contribution. We will showcase all student artwork on this platform.
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ISF AVON FUNDRAISER SPONSOR $10 monthly contribution pays for the land line at our office and other telephone fundraising expenses. This entitles you to all previous rewards plus the current featured fundraiser item from corporate sponsor Avon. We all buy personal care products, ornaments and gift items from time to time. Redirect your purchasing dollar to this worthy cause and select a gift item of your choice to be shipped to you (within Canada only). If you do not want the item for your personal use, ISF will donate it to one of our member project fundraisers. Current participating members are Kingsley Primary School, (Canada), Hollywood North Academy for the Arts (Canada), Kingswood Preparatory Day School Inc. (Canada), ChessWorks (Canada) and Thando's Day Care (South Africa). You may choose the project you want to support, or otherwise allow ISF to allocate your gift to the most urgent project. Watch this page for featured gift items as they will change with each Avon campaign. You may select a big ticket gift for one-time shipment or a smaller item for monthly shipment, or leave it up to us to choose. We also use unclaimed items as promotional thank-you gifts to community stakeholders and strategic allies who have supported us generously. ISF supports like-minded organizations who have helped us in the past, and who indicated a need for specific items to serve their community. These allies include Economics of Technology Working Group, Regent Park Social Action Group and other local strategic allies.
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