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March 2015 Art/Code Night & GDC2015
Phew, what a crazy past couple of weeks! I'm sure I've counted about 25 PIGSquad members who recently went to the 2015 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, some for a couple of days, some for over a week! There, attendees were able to interact with the people behind new indie games, newly updated and free game engines, publishers, convention organizers, popular figures in gaming, and more! We wrapped up our take on that super gamey con by cooling down with an Art/Code Night the following week, which I was told should have been a GDC postmortem (and I agree!). Most of us following the Portland Indie Game Squad Facebook group are aware that there are now crazy amounts of new tools to use in different ways (Unreal Engine, Unity, and Source, namely), lots of new hardware to experiment with (including 3 new VR headsets), and many more connections to make. Our friend and community member Corey wrote up a great postmortem of his GDC experiences here ( I had a blast reaching out to see where PIGSquad and my educational nonprofit, Pixel Arts, could fit in with all sorts of personalities at the convention. Some leads I found included the ability for us to host game jams centered around new hardware, teach others (including youth) about how to use game making softwares via new educational materials, find new publishers, exhibit our games in popular international game festivals, welcome leaders of popular game teams and indie game communities to our events, and invite a number of mid-level game development companies to move to Portland. Just to name a few..! If anyone is interested in any of the above leads, always feel free to hit me up at PIGSquad at gmail or at an event to talk about how you might be best able to utilize them or help PIGSquad capitalize on them :D More updates to come, but I'm hoping to host something like a "PIGSquad Board Meeting" soon, where members are welcome to participate in a round table discussion and name the specifics of what's coming up for the community, who can help in the capacity of a "PIGSquad Officer," and how we can generally better the game development environment for all our pals in Portland. Speaking of, our recent Art/Code Night welcomed numerous new members who were looking out for game animators, programmers, musicians, etc. Great as always to see people find each other and start in the right direction towards making their goals happen, whether those be financial, personal, artistic, social, or otherwise :D Just for those of you need a team member, advice, playtesting, etc., we have an overly-robust schedule on the horizon for new ways that you can find who you're looking for. Next week Wednesday is OMSI After Dark, the following Saturday is an Animators-in-Games event, two Mondays from then is the screening of the "GameLoading" documentary, and we follow that up with a game jam in the middle of the month. All of these events are explained in detail or to-be-posted on, so take advantage of what you can! That being said, I'll see you very, very soon and very, very often :P