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So you want stuff? Don't worry I can give you stuff. How about this, if you donate $1 per month I'll give you access to my totally secret personal private Patreon page. This is a place where I'll pretend to be a blogger and give everyone updates on certain videos. It's only $1 a month, so come on... you know what some Stuff
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You want even more stuff? Alright then, let's kick it up a notch. How about I give you everything listed above AND you'll get early access to special videos on the channel like video essays and skits (basically anything that's not the usual MWF gaming videos). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity because I'm only offering it for my entire lifetime. So don't miss your chance to snag some Stuff+
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$10 or more per month 1 patron
Even more stuff?! ARE YOU MAD?! Ok, here's a deal for ya: Everything mentioned above as well as your name going in the ACTUAL video at the end AND in description letting people know how long you've had Stuff Elite for. Make all your friends super jealous and get Stuff Elite today!
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