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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Patrons who support me to this amount will be able to cast votes on what I should do next, whether it's about my next story, any kind of pairing or any major decisions in plot pieces and so on. Patrons will also get access to some of my original fiction pieces that I upload on this site.
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Other than getting my infinite love and affection, Patrons of this level will receive access to the writing guidelines and advice articles I'll be posting here, including previous rewards

Other than that I will also offer exclusive one-shots, just for you! Offer me suggestions and ideas, and I will write them and publish them at the end of my updates!

Thank you all who have donated this amount! 

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Patrons of this level can send me their own works for constructive criticism, possible revision and plenty of my suggestions, ideas and pointers if you'd like some help with your own works. I will do so to the best of my ability!

Patrons of this level receive all of the previous rewards as well!

I have no idea what to say...
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There are literally no words to describe my gratitude for your support!

Patrons of this level can send me ideas and suggestions about an original character they'd like to see incorporated into a story of their choice! 

The personality, gender, appearance and design are decided by the Patron (You!), as long as the OC fits into the theme, setting and the story itself.

All prior rewards are, of course, included.

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