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Support us!

Hey, every bit helps.  At this level, we'll still give you access to the finished pages before they're posted, and you'll have our eternal and undying thanks!
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Early Bird Special+Wallpaper!

Anyone who backs us at this level will get to see the pages before they're done, as my terrible stick-figure layouts, then Akuoreo's sketches and inks! We'd also post any non-comic MSF High work we'll do there first as well, such as RPG book art and mini-comics! If we've hit any of our funding levels, we'll also post an exclusive wallpaper that we won't post in public for at least two months every month that you'll have exclusive access to! All higher reward levels include this reward.
Pin Collector!
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Pin Collector(US)!

With this reward, we'll ship you 5 pin badge buttons!  There are over a hundred buttons that can be sent, and while they'll be random, if you send me a message saying which pins you'd like, I'll select ones based on your favorite characters!  Make sure I have your address for this one.  With this tier, you also get the wallpaper and early access to the comic pages!

Pin Collector(International)!
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Pin Collector(International)!

Just like the Pin Collector tier, but taking into account the need to ship internationally.

Pin Collector Deluxe!
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Pin Collector Deluxe!

Just like the Pin Collector tier, but with a lanyard included!  Check the post to see what it looks like!

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Help to uncover the history and secrets of MSF High and Mahou Galaxy! Once per month, a patron at this level can choose a single topic about the school or galaxy at large and I will write a 1,000 word(or more, if I feel particularly inspired) article about the topic in question! Want to know about the great Deviling rebellion, or maybe the history of a particular planet? Maybe you'd like to hear about something more specific, like Victoria's home planet or even something as fun and silly as the current Fenrisco catalog? With this reward, any topic pertaining to MSF High or Mahou Galaxy is potentially open to learning!
Pin Collector Deluxe(International)
$20 or more per month 1 patron
Pin Collector Deluxe(International)!

Just like the Pin Collector Deluxe tier, but accounting for international shipping.

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Official Student!

At this level, a character concept that you help us with can become an official MSF High character! You'll be able to work with me and help design a new character that will appear in the yearbook and maybe even in the comic itself! Keep in mind that certain character concepts would be unacceptable(pornographic designs and copyrighted characters, for example), but I would be able to help point you in the right direction! Akuoreo will draw an ID pic of your character that will not only be featured in the yearbook, but will make a great avatar for any of your social media outings! If you get this across multiple months, you can make a new character each month or have your character in a different outfit or form!
Pledge $150 or more per month
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MSF High Entry!

Similar to the Offical Student reward, but with a few major differences! First, instead of a standard ID pic, the image will be a full-body pic! Next, I'll write you a short story(~2500 words) about you arriving in MSF High as your new character! You'll also have some degree of control over how you arrive! Do you want to be saving kittens from a burning building? Maybe you want to show up and be transformed by Althea, Keiri, or Miss Fenris? So long as it's non-pornographic, I can come up with something you'll enjoy!
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With this reward, you can choose any of the stories I've written before, or any of my official MSF High characters(That is, ones I've come up with myself or otherwise allow) and I'll write a ~3000 word chapter of a new story about them! In addition, Akuoreo will draw a shaded sketch cover image for that story, and we'll post the chapter on the same sites as the MSF High pages as a weekend bonus! With this, you could see a continuation of the Console-tan story, a new Mahou Galaxy story, another Ruby and Azura story, more of Plot of the Retro Bimbo Aliens, or any of a number of character tales, such as teacher or student origin stories!
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