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Anyone who donates this much will be Credited and Mentioned at the end credits for every future videos that I make and get to see a Patreon exclusive extended 5 Minute preview/clip of my next video/Comic Drama, and you'll see the full finished video exclusively on my Patreon Page 1 week early before I upload them to Youtube.
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(Only 5 People at a time) Now this one's a bit special, You'll get the above reward, but also I'll take any requests of any short/mini Comic Dub whether it be 1 page to 5 pages, Anything you want just name it and I'll do it. :D It kinda like a mini commission.
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(Only 3 People total At a Time) Now this one's really special, but only for those who really wants me to do a Comic Drama of a full comic book that they want me to dub. You'll get both the rewards from above and also I'll take any requests on a full length Comic Book. Whether it be from Archie Sonic, Mega-Man, Sonic Boom, Marvel, DC, IDW Publishing, etc...You name it anything you want me to adapt into a Comic Drama and I'll do it. :D Yes, this one's like a full commission.
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