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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Our heartfelt thanks. You are amazing. Thank you for helping, we couldn't do this without your support. Have your name added onto our list of donors at the end of all of our videos.
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On top of our thanks, you get added to our monthly mailing list with exclusive updates, tips and ideas for your own projects
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All the good stuff from previous levelsand we will also send you a package of swag. stickers, decal, and a signed print of your choice 
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On top of the rewards for other levels you will also get a handmade Hearthstone necklace (glows in the dark too!)
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All the amazing goodies from the previous levels as well as a handcrafted replica wand suitable for your Hogwarts themed cosplay.
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Magic ball of fire or magic, your choice! A beautiful little prop that looks like a flickering ball of magic/flames in your hand.
Fabulous fliers
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One pair of articulated wings! Your choice of color/style, we'll contact you with a personal Thank you and arrange for your very own pair of Articulated wings!
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