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Access to all the posts on the Patreon only feed. Welcome to the group! You'll get all the videos, poetry, random postings, and brotherly love. Remember to put your twitter handle up so I can return the appreciation!
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Like to be the first one to discover something original? Get all of the content before anyone else, and I mean way before. Like, as soon as it's done. You'll see things my mom hasn't. That could mean a week or a day, but you'll get it before it goes public.
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Be a part of a live webcast every month. I can play some music, we can talk about feelings, or I can just leech off of all your great ideas. Got questions? Let me know in advance and I'll make sure to answer as many as I can. Plus you get all the rewards above.
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Get personally credited for being the amazing person you are on my upcoming EP and all the videos. Because I really mean it. Getting your support at this level will let me keep doing the things I love, and sending them out to you. Of course, you get everything above too, because you more than deserve it.
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Support at this level for 3 months and get a personalized video, live show, happy birthday message, cover song, whatever. Just let me know what you want, because, frankly, I'm not even sure how to thank you enough.
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