March 2017 Patreon Sketch
Here is the Patreon sketch for Erin, who requested depressed character #4. Unfortunately I made an important discovery with this sketch and that is that the paper is terrible at holding ink wash. I tested it with a similar but cheaper brand of Kent paper and looked exactly how I wanted it, but using the more expensive paper the wash did not hold. It didn't even hold the Copic markers very well and came out a bit streaky. It does, however, look like a sketch and i have to remind myself these are what they are. But the inks and the expression I do like, and it was the first sketch in which I inked part of it with a brush rather than ink nibs.  But enough self-flagellating, here it is.

I did pick another random Patreon sketch winner last week, and put the mail in their message box but haven't heard back, so I might have April go to first come first serve too. Unless there are any objections or better ideas, that's what I'll do -- random pick first, and if they don't reply in a week I'll do first come first serve.