March 2017: Monthly Focuscasts
Hello, everyone! Thank you so, so much for being so patient with me while I was working ECCC. Belatedly, I have sent out the monthly readings for all requisite tiers! (It's not too late to pledge if you want a more personal reading!)

The weekly focuscasts will return, but this month, it'll return to the $1+ tiers. However, I am still offering single card monthly focuscasts to everyone. I hope you return to it often for inspiration and encouragement!

March Focuscast

Let Go of the Old

I chose this deck again because I felt like it was a time for encouragement and inspiration. In this case, I'm not sure how much I can expound on this? I mean, the Messengers are getting pretty clear:

Time to let go of the old! It's done! It's a thing, now! We can't go back in time and change it. What we CAN do is push forward and make the changes we can in our present—whether within ourselves, with our friends and family, our communities. Even on a larger, global scale.

We may not quite be wallowing anymore. I see a lot of practive activity going on in the ether. But so much of how we are and feel and proceed today is based on this sense of "what if" and "if only" we carry from the past. Does this include more than politics? You bet your ass it does! This advice is also good for old wounds, old emotions, old modes of thinking or beliefs.

Do your beliefs no longer suit you? Are you afraid of ending a chapter and moving forward? 

Enough of that, okay? We are here. Right now. This moment. Begin that new chapter, find that sense of self and belief.

Have faith. There's a shit ton of cool stuff ahead of us. Once we look forward.