March 2017
For March, you'll get Miranda and Kasei sprites as well as two variations of bathrooms. The sprites are drawn by marendins while the backgrounds are drawn by FalyneVarger.

I'll add the pledge files to be charged for on March 30th then send them out once all pledges clear.

Other than that, been busy again with trips back and forth to the hospital. After Gene's transplant, he has to be monitored quite a bit to make sure his body is handling the kidney well enough. So far, it's working perfectly. ^^

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per creation
Pledge $0.01 or more per creation
Patrons Only
$1 or more per creation 0 patrons
  • Week Early Look at SOS SAGA Comic
  • Sneak Peek of all Works-in-Progress
  • Vote for Future Backgrounds, Sprites, & Illustrations
Backgrounds & Sprites
$3 or more per creation 1 patron
  • Backgrounds &  Sprites to be used in Non-Commercial Projects
  • This is going to be per background and sprite. If you do not wish to spend over a certain amount, please be sure to add a max to the amount you're willing to pledge.
Packaged Set (Limited)
$10 or more per creation 2 of 10 patrons
  • Limited to the first 10 pledgers. Once all 10 are taken, a new tier will be created for a higher price. Grab this one soon!
  • Includes all Monthly Backgrounds, Sprites, & Illustrations to be Used in Non-Commercial Projects
  • Everything that was released within the month will be sent via note after the pledge has cleared in a .ZIP format.
  • This will guarantee all the monthly items without having to pay individually. Sometimes extras will be added to this pack only.
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