Wow! Thanks for bearing with me over the past couple days -- I've been profoundly busy, and it took me an extra couple days to polish off the essays for this month.

The $3 essay is on a mission in Modern Warfare Remastered that I think does really interesting and cool work. The $5 essay is a short reading of the Philip K. Dick novel Eye In The Sky, which is the most wonderful criticism of ideology I think I've ever read. I hope you enjoy both of them!

On the video front, Mages & Murderdads is still going strong. March saw us release the first episode  in our video series on Baldur's Gate II as well as a video on the Slums  and Temple  districts of the game. We both think that this is some of our best work yet, and we look forward to hearing what y'all think about it!

We also have another couple fun videos in the works -- I've finished editing a two-part series on Ghost Recon Wildlands, and we've recorded some For Honor as well. There are other things coming down the pipe!

As always, thanks for supporting my various kinds of work here. Every dollar that you contribute helps pay for the immense amount of labor that goes into all of this stuff, and I honestly wouldn't be able to do it without your support. So thanks!

See you next month!