March 2017 Edition
Hey Patreons!

So before I get started with anything, I wanted to share with you guys a little heart to heart. ♥ So as you guys may have noticed, uploading videos daily has become a slight challenge ever since I started university, and I want to thank you guys so much for sticking around despite my busy schedule. Although I haven't been vlogging much lately, mainly because I've been trying to film more "main" videos, I have been doing very very very well overall. :) I guess this is something that I should share in my videos, but despite being a bit lonely at times it feels so good that I'm not hanging out with the wrong crowd and actually enjoying classes. Getting good grades, health, and youtube are my priorities at the moment (in that order), so I'm glad to say Im still on track as of now. :)
Hope you all are doing well, and apologies for the delay but April gifts were just sent out this evening! There were slight complications since I found out I couldn't send certain items to foreign countries in Akita, so I ended up having to send the gifts back home and my little sister had to send the gifts out from Kobe! ^^;;
Nonetheless, when you all do receive the gift I hope you like them! :D Until next month guys! Thank you for making my dream as a youtuber possible. <3
By the way, some things I have bought lately are a mic for my dslr and a printer so I can make postcards right from my dorm room! :) Love you all so much and ttyl! :D <3

Steph <3