March 2018 Update!
Hey Duders,

It's us, the Review Dudes!

So Shnick and I really haven't had much time to work on any videos this month, what with school, and various family matters. For this, we apologize, and we hope you guys can understand. We really do appreciate your continued support, but at the same time, we don't want to be taking you fine ladies and gentlemen for granted. Therefore, as we have not (and will not) be uploading any videos during the month of March, we will be refunding your pledges for the month of March.

But don't lose faith just yet, duders! Shnick and I are still all about the Review Dudes, and we assure you that we have a project in the works for April. Also, you magnificent Patrons still have 8 days to submit as many questions as you'd like for this month's Q&A, so feel free to ask away, either on this post or the previous one.

Love ya,