March 2018 - Rewards preview
Overview of April rewards, sent out on 2nd April, and available for any signup during the entire month! I am still working on the translation of the PBlog file, but I'll do my best to finish it in time :') This month's downloads include:

  • 2$+ Basic Downloads
  • monthly newsletter
  • artwork step-by-step photos

  • 5$+ PDFs
  • new mini-comic
  • "Drama Queen" - artwork step-by-step with detailed material references
  • Patreon Blog  - EN translation - "Guidebook for freelancers" relating tips and personal experience on how to handle clients and work!

  • 10$+ Video Tutorials
  • Line Arts Tips and Tricks
  • Commented video + PDF + exercises
  • In order to help a broader audience, I am abandoning my classical online lessons' previous format. As stated last month, every upcoming video will be in both French and English from now on!

  • 20$+ Additional Downloads
  • Each of you will receive a personalized coupon each month, which will allow you to select and download your desired tutorial or lesson immediately in my shop, without needing to ask for it first. Among the new features of my website, that's definitely one of the best 8D

  • 30$+ Ace Students
  • You may submit your work for feedback anytime!

To everyone, please feel free to also submit requests for the upcoming tutorials, Pblogs or files - more than everything, I wish to create interesting things for you :D

Thank you so much for your support ♥