I wrote this in my journal yesterday…I was planning on writing about my goals but this entry explains everything that I’m feeling right now. So I figured it would be the best thing to post today.

I’ve really been feeling off lately, the past three days I guess. I’m trying to come out of it but I don’t know what to do to get out…I keep thinking maybe I should something new but I want to finishing something first. This newest poetry book has been the hardest to write so far. Which is a good thing because it’s a challenge, and it’s supposed to be a challenge. But it’s bad because it’s not a book I can make daily progress on. Daily progress helps keep depression at bay.  Part of me wants to get back into blackout art, but I’m feeling blocked in everything. Even my reading is suffering from this block. My goal for this month was to write a poem a day, but I’m sort of thinking about being goal-less this month. 

I need space to breathe. I need time to decide what I’m doing. Or do I? Is this just an excuse to be lazy? 

What are your goals for March? Let’s talk all things goals. Anyone else feeling a bit burnt out?