Thank you once again for your on-going support of the podcast! I wanted to just touch base and tell you about what is coming in March. 

There will be a new episode today, its the episode about "The Cipher" by Kathe Koja, then the Throwback Thursday episode of "John Dies at the End". 

Later this month I will be reading and talking about Ania Ahlborn’s new book "The Devil Crept In". 

I am going to keep plugging away at the TBT episodes and I am planning on doing a multi part reading of “The Shunned House” by H.P. Lovecraft as well. 

I talk about it in tonight’s episode, but the “complete” versions of multi-part stories are going to be Patron only from now on. I will still release the separate episodes to everyone but, the full, single episode story is only for supporters. So make sure you subscribe to the “Patron only feed” that now appears on this page (You may need to view it on desktop view if you are on a mobile phone). So if you are not yet a Patron, there has never been a better time to get on board.

As always if there are any books you would like me to check out or stories you want me to read on the show (they have to be in the public domain) just shoot me a message.