March Ahead!
  • February has ended and March is here. It's time to review last month's accomplishments and look forward to next.

    What happened in February?

  • Revamped my website
    It was in rough shape and in need to be updated. The new site includes new sections for Commissions that simplify the process.

  • Re-launched Patreon with new rewards and goals.
    I finally had the time to get around to re-launching my Patreon and change existing rewards and goals that needed work or simply was not needed. It feels good to finally have a more active Patreon and I hope you agree with me! ^_^

  • 4 free wallpapers
    I did more art than this but the highlight for the month was the 4 free wallpapers that I did with 2 themed ones being the Love is in the Air ones.

  • We reached 200 followers on Twitter!
    Yay! We reached a big milestone for me on Twitter and I couldn't be more happy for it. During the period of February 1st to March 1st I reached over 85,000 impressions with my tweets and I'm so happy to have a bigger impact in the art community. Trying my best to spread my positiveness where I can!

    Goals for March

  • New Theme - "Spring"
    With the start of a new season I thought it'd be approciate to welcome it with open arms. The themed monthly wallpaper(s) for this month will be spring-themed. No other details to share right now.

  • Post a weekly update to Patreon!
    I post about the accomplishments for that week and talk about it in review.

  • Be more active on Twitter and reach 300 Followers!
    I would like to post more personal stuff as well as giving both my Patrons and Twitter followers sneak peaks into my work. This month I will hold 2 giveaways, 1 starting next Wednesday (March 8th). If you want to, you patrons can be vocal and decide what I should giveaway!

    I'm really excited for this month and what it has in store for both you and me. Hopefully you'll be here by its end! <3