March/April Pigeon Pal: Nearly-Headless Nick!
Hey tweethearts! So if you're in the Pigeon Polaroid tier for March/April (meaning you were charged at the end of March!) you'll be getting some stickers and a super cute Polaroid of this lovely lady!

Her name is Nearly-Headless Nick because she was found by a kind person on the street, injured so badly her head and crop were nearly torn off. My friend Lindsey who was the one who has rescued almost all of my pigeons sewed her back up and she miraculously recovered. It's hard to see here but her neck and crop are slightly misshapen from the scars. She needs to be watched for any sign of discomfort in her crop, but other than that she's a happy, healthy girl.

She now enjoys sunbathing and warm days, and is a sweet and quiet lady!

Thank you all so much for your support of my pigeons and my Patreon, it means the world to me! ❤️🐦