March & Early April Recap!
Woohoo guess who's behind? This pud! Sorry for not making this post much sooner- I'd love to use the moving process (we're booked with renter visits all month) as an excuse, but most of the issues causing delays have derived from me being sick over the last week and a half. (Still coughin, but still kickin all the same)





  • Mar 1 - Puddle has a Gun work (ft. zach)
  • Mar 3 - Puddle doodles, planning for headspace (ft. spy, trask, jedi)
  • Mar 8 - No Sweet Prince work, furry doodling 
  • Mar 10 - Wedgie work (ft. zach) (warning my mic breaks)
  • Mar 13 - Worms work (ft. trask) 
  • Mar 20 -  Worms work (ft. trask)
  • Mar 22 - Worms work (ft. spy, dj, jedi)
  • Mar 29 - Headspace concept work, Revlo request
  • Mar 31  - Headspace work