March in Summary~
Woo, gosh.  It's hard to believe it's already April!  March flew by, and I want to thank everyone for continuing to support Instant.

March rewards will be uploaded over the course of this week!

You guys have prooobably noticed the lack of animation this past month, so I want to sum up what happened as I gear up for April.

First, I moved to Los Angeles!  Still can't believe that's a thing that happened.  Alas, here I am.

Second, I got a job!  With my new job comes a lot of new learning, which has led to an insane amount of overtime.  Hopefully that will start dialing down.  Whatever my work schedule throws my way, I'm doing my best to adapt so I can push out some sweet animation updates more often.

Third, a surprise trip to Nickelodeon?!  Turned out the animation software I use (Toon Boom) was having a training camp at Nickelodeon and I managed to wiggle my way in.  I learned an insane amount of new things, and a lot of that knowledge goodness I can apply to Instant and pass on to all of you. :D