March Patreonsketch: “IT BEGINS”
You’ve done it now! The changes have already begun!


This month we’re exploring the start of the transformation process; whatever you did you’re turning into … something!  

The idea is to think of this as a first stage of the change, in the range of 0-25% transformed. Maybe just a specific minor change, like waking up with a far more useful pair of feet or maybe a sudden horseface!

The species is open to whatever you like, and the style is as above: lines, flat color and a solid color splash for the background!

Make sure you pick a creature you like, there’s a chance we could revisit the this theme! (DISCLAIMER: it's possible if this is liked we may revisit this again this year, with the changes further along.) 


This the final month (MARCH) for the sketches at $25.

AFTER MARCH IS CHARGED, I will be instituting the new $35 tier for the sketches; and phasing the $25 dollar out IN APRIL. 

You do not have to adjust pledges UNTIL AFTER APRIL 5TH.


Get ready to begin your change today!

March Patreonsketch: Promo
Theme: Alchemy + Photoshop Sketches