March junkfood: bunny pinup poll
Since Easter is super close to the last update of the month, I thought bunnies seemed an appropriate topic for the junkfood poll. So bunny pinup it's gonna be!

Poll ends as always at midnight on the 15th.






Poll ended Mar 16, 2018
3 votes total
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*my production blog (future environments, costume changes, doodles as I suss stuff out, the occasional "why did was this thing even there" posts)

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You'll also get the production blog, et all, and the early pages.

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Is it February? You're gonna get a valentine.

Is it July? You're probably gonna get a card about fireworks.

Is it October? You're gonna get a Halloween card. Or an Indigenous Peoples card. Or a Columbus was a Dick card. You get the idea.

You will get to request the character on your card, and you will also get access to all other tiers (early pages, time capsule, production blog, et all)

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