March of Dimes Charity Sketchcards
It's a busy Monday here in the studio. Me and my partner are off to Download Festival on Wednesday for 5 days of camping, rock music and general frivolity. It was a birthday present I got for him back in April and we haven't been for the last year or so, so we're pretty excited. Spent most of yesterday's lunch hour looking up tips and tricks for camping/festival-ing with a broken toe so have stocked up on ALL of the painkillers today! 

This is a little project I finished off over the weekend  which I wanted to share with you. I was asked a while ago to help out a charity called March of Dimes, which offers support to children who are born premature and with complications. 

The gent running this particular branch of fundraising was looking for artists to contribute some PSCs (Personal Sketch Cards) which he will be auctioning off in aid of the charity. I also sent him a copy of one of my Draw Your Way To A Younger Brain books, which are currently unavailable in the USA.

So, here are the 5 cards I drew for the charity. Black Cat, Captain Marvel, Harley Quinn, Spider Gwen and Sadness from Inside Out. I went for characters who I thought would be popular enough to fetch a good price at auction (and Sadness because, well she's just adorable right!?)

Hope you like them! Will be sending out a few more updates and behind the scenes images before I head away to no signal/battery land on Wendesday. Don't forget, if you are in the $5+ tier, you can now nominate your ideas for an art request on the previous post to yourselves (Don't worry if you're not $5+, you will get your chance to vote soon!)

The first month rewards to those of you who joined up in May will be being sent out next week! So please, don't forget to contact me if you are getting a sketch card or commission. People who backed for a print, I will be sending you out a list of those today, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Speak soon x 

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