🎨 March, the painting lesson available soon!
Hello! Here is the model (digital mock-up) that I propose you to paint this month, it is a little bigger and you will have the opportunity to put into practice the shading technique that we talk last month. For this second lesson I chose to make you work on the colors, how to attract the glance. With this new model, you will bring out a magnificent carmine red on a set of turquoise / green gray and you will work your blending while finesse on the powdered tint of the model. You'll all be able to paint this model as I prepare you a very complete video tutorial that start from the blank canvas. In addition to the model to be shifted, you will receive the color reference sheet and close-ups for the more subtle areas to paint (like eyes for example). Among my subscribers to the lessons there are those who want to learn my technique and progress and others who want to paint my models just for fun. A new model will be offered to you every month! The complete lesson will be online in a few days. See you soon!