March Review Round-Up
 A new month-load of bonuses have arrived! Here's what's new:

All backers: the new art vote is live!  This month, I'm drawing a bunch of cosplaying S&F characters based on randomly selected suggestions! The deadline to vote is March 20th... that's next Monday!

S&F Extra backers: the new issue is out!  This month's issue chronicles the making of a big new full cast illustration, as well as last month's bonus pieces and a Nightmarish commission.

Secret Vault backers: the Art Vault and Pin-Up Vault have been updated,  with new marker illustrations and concept art in the former, and a couple different versions of the Nic/Tats tattoo pin-up in the later (some saucier than others).

Thanks again for all your support, everyone. 'Til next time!