March Rewards
It's reward time again! Please simply email  [email protected] with the subject line "March Patreon" (Patreon pledges for February get charged in March etc etc) and fill out the following that apply to you (or note if you'd rather opt for store credit instead) :

Postcard: ($25 tiers and up- send in top 3 characters (preferably cartoon/anime/game, nothing too detailed!) Going to try and nix themes this time around, as I have a lot on my plate at the moment and trying to work in themed doodles tends to slow me down a fair bit. >_<

Sketch: ($40 tiers and up- if you're a $75+ tier, remember that you can have up to two characters.)

I was asked to make a list of things I enjoy for folks having trouble deciding what to request, which I try to update frequently:

Print: ($50 tiers and up- choose any one print from this gallery (NEW- this link is to a folder containing all art that's fair game for Patreon folks only, be it old, recent, non-sale, etc) ( ) and please be aware that some of the prints, such as the Dazzlings and Grunge series, are sets of individual character prints- so you could get Sonata OR Aria OR Adagio for example.)

Other updates:

-Commissions temporarily closed while I play catch-up!

-Hoping to release the Fashion Sketchfolio soon. Some of the drawings are a bit older (been working on this one since I think late 2015/early 2016) and I still have a lot more to finish, so I might release it in two parts. 

-Pinup Sketchfolio in progress, will probably finish a couple of color commissions at least before calling it done.

-Envelove Ch. 2 books are being put together soon! I need to finish getting the guest art organized. Once we have them they'll be going out with all Patreon packages with pledges of $25+!