March rewards are SENT!
PHEW. March rewards are officially sent! All prints have been mailed out (other than my Jedi Knights, but you guys know that from my messages!), and the email rewards for $5 and $10+ Patrons should be in your inboxes! ($1 Patrons, all your rewards are delivered here in the Patreon feed.)

I featured the thumbnail for my Ash Ketchum tutorial, sent out to $10+ Patrons, because I am honestly so proud of this tutorial, haha! I spent about two full days on it.

Overall, the March reward emails are just packed with fun stuff, including the mp3 for "What a Magical World," which is just inches from release! I hope you guys like them, and please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Meanwhile, I'm going to start immediately on April rewards and see if I can finally get ahead of this thing!