March rewards are in preparation!
Can't believe it, end of the month already. Even though I am moving house I seem to be getting a bit of a better rhythm for this now.

Key picture: check

Doodle reward: check

Bonus digital print of the woodblock print for this month: check

Woodblock print for those at $30 and above, sent automagically.... CHECK (you can always upgrade your pressure but you might not know).

Don't forget, btw, that if you don't 'cash in' your reward pledge, then as your pledge hits $30 then you too will get a free woodblock print.  So...

$10 folks will get a real world print for May reward

$5 in 6 months time

$3 in 10 months...

What does cashing in mean?

Well all the prints will be on sale currently for $30. So if you have pledged $10, then it will only cost £20 (yes, mixing dollars and pounds... helps my head do it simply, and works out about the same for both of us)

$20...then you need only add $10 if you want a print this month.

Hope that makes sense.

What about the videos? Right, well hopefully I will get the main painting sorted.  I really hope to get these videos done, but I am concerned about how long they take rather than creating art. Please let me know: should I keep the videos, or let them go, and just offer them as bonus material as I create them?

Thankyou everyone for being so supportive. When I publish the rewards next week (Sunday...I hope, moving monday and I just hope BT sort out their instalation!!!) I will also bring you up to date with the ministry side of things.