Thanks for your support during March! Last month we released:

► Cat Café MoCHA [Deerstalker in Japan]

► LaForet Grand Bazar - Welcome to the Bloodbath [Deerstalker in Japan]

► Kawaii Monster Café [Deerstalker in Japan]

► Yoyogi Park Dogrun [Deerstalker in Japan]

It was a busy month for us with four Deerstalker in Japan videos coming out. What do you think of them so far? Let us know! We have a heap of other Deerstalker in Japan videos that we're working on, so expect to see them released on our channel intermittently.

Besides that, we shot our latest skit, Lolita Pick-Up Lines, which is out now on our YouTube! The reception to that has been quite impressive, and we've had so many great lines submitted by our fans, so there's a strong potential for a sequel. We'll update you here first if we decide to go ahead with it.

This month we've got a few things that we're planning. Our the entire comm is currently obsessed with Holy Lantern (everyone and their mum has one on the way), so we thought it could potentially be fun to do a mass unboxing. As well as that, we had a great idea for a parody, following the one girl in the comm who didn't pick up the made-to-order release. Hopefully we'll get the chance to make it in the next few weeks!

Finally, a big thanks to all of our new supporters this month! We hope you guys enjoy the revamped monthly podcast video (the $7+ Reward). We've started putting way more effort into making it, so your feedback is much appreciated!

Much love,