Hey folks,

Hope you had fun digging out of these first few days of spring. I'd be lying if I said I was completely bummed out about the snow, considering I finally pulled the trigger on buying a snow blower last fall and have been enjoying my status as hero of our block with all these Nor'easters. Money well spent.

Spring is definitely here, though, and with it lots of news about the show. In case you missed the big announcement in our last episode, I am thrilled to announce the Hi-Res Design From Memory art show! Partnering with Shawn Hileman of Masthead Print Studio, the Design From Memory show will feature the work of over thirty previous guests of the show interpreting the question, "What is your first design memory?" It's a question I ask almost every guest of the show and it's also the one that produces the most compelling answers, so I can't wait to see these artistic interpretations. 

Best of all, the proceeds from the evening are going to the Nebinger Art Program. The program was created by Leslie Grace from scratch, through crowd sourced fundraising and support from Friends of Nebinger and Queen Village Neighborhood Association grants. Leslie has a passion for art education in the Urban setting, and works to make sure all her students feel safe, nurtured and free to express themselves through the arts. The money raised from pieces sold at the event will go towards: Cardboard cutters, a Matt cutter, Printing foam, all the supplies that these kids need to make their first design memories. 

So here's what you need to know: The Hi-Res Design from Memory art show is taking place Saturday, April 21 from 6pm-9pm at Masthead Print Studio, 208 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA. There will be beer and I'll be recording in the studio upstairs during the show for a future bonus episode! So get a drink, buy some great art, support a great cause and who knows, you might even end up on a future episode of the show!

You can get more info and RSVP at designfrommemory.eventbrite.com
(RSVP is not necessary, but appreciated!)

In other show-related news, we've got a new bonus episode coming your way very soon with friend of the show Tony Nguyen. It's been a minute since I chatted with Tony on the show, so we got together right before the recent Adobe Creative Jam and caught up about his new job, how he got into shape and his passion for gaming. Look for that episode very soon.

Plus, on the good 'ole Hi-Res feed we've got some great episodes coming up including Steve Belkowitz, Melissa Morris Ivone and more. There may even be some surprises in store over the next few weeks, so definitely stay tuned.

Oh, and I made you a mix-tape... 

That's all for now. Talk soon.