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March Update
This was indeed a busy month!

Work on Advanced Dungeon World Next 2 proceeds at a good pace.
The rulebook is much more readable and complete than it was a month ago, with an overall better text structure that is easier to read and consult.

The main design work focused on the World Player section, redesigning from scratch all the Agendas and Principles and World Moves. Obviously the base material is the great text from AW2, but I've been deeply analyzing and rethinking every detail, leaving nothing for granted, trying to then rewrite everything in the most clear and unambiguous way, turning guidelines into procedures, suggestions into practical how-to tools.

The sections on how to setup and run the First Session and then how to create and handle the Threat Map have also been revamped, and I am currently tackling the creation of effective Threats, and the lists of their Moves.

Finally, I did what I could to produce printable Character Sheets for every class. They look ugly, but should be functional and compact.
This became quite urgent since the playtesting has been picking up steam.
I am running a small group of my own, and wrote an article talking a bit about ADWN2 in general, and offering an actual play of our first two sessions, HERE.


As mentioned in a previous update, I managed to squeeze one FUBAR Dungeon Dev Diary in this month. Here is the link.
I fear that this project, along with a few others, will have to be put on hold as I am currently working to enroll back into University.
You can't imagine how much this prospect both excites and scares me at the same time...  but I've decided to properly study game design so, here I am going back to school >_<
But the project itself is NOT abandoned, and there is actually a good chance that I'll find a way to use it for my studies, thus giving it the time and development it so much needs.
We'll see what the future brings, I guess :)


I have some news about The Name of God.
I have been toying around with the idea of updating the original rules to allow for 2-Player games, and to expedite playtime by having a single Fetish used communally by all players. In future I'll write an article about it. But in a nutshell, after some work and testing, I can say that:

  • two Player gameplay is a success
  • single rotating Fetish is a failure


I have an evil plan to conquer the world by scamming unsuspecting boardgamers into playing roleplaying games without realizing it. I'll tell you more about this project in the near future, as I'll divert some of the ADWN2 time to this "new" endeavor.
(as usual it's an old idea that steamed and brewed up until it HAD to burst into some concrete work, or I would not be able to sleep anymore at night)


As always, a big thanks to all my Patreons old and new. A lot of this stuff would never have seen the light of day if it wasn't for your support and interest in my weird ideas :D