March Update!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful week! Got a few updates today!

I have updated the Patreon tiers! I am no longer posting WIPs on the page, but instead posting them as I take breaks in the #wips room in Discord. This means the Radish Tier now only awards you with radishes (and ALL of the loves!!)

I have added a new tier, the Pumpkin Tier! For an extra $2 a month you can receive the SAI and PSD files for the work I post. This way I don’t overwhelm anyone with large files they don’t actually need!

The Strawberry Tier has been reworked! I will not be offering mail outs at this time, but they will return in the future! Instead I will now be offering a chance to suggest a daily sketch every week and receive 50% off all commissions ordered within the month! 

Speaking of, my commissions and my Revlo rewards have changed.

I am now doing these on a case by case basis, offering small and large projects, watercolour or painted, and landscapes. These range from $5-$25 and I hope to get more examples out soon! The Revlo versions are between 10k and 50k radishes!

Thank you for the support, and if you have any questions or concerns, please shoot me a message!